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The Next Generation in Foam Battles

The ultimate Jet Blaster Ceda S is faster, stronger and 100% customizable. At Jet Blaster, we are players too. Designed for safe and fun games, the new generation foam dart blasters ensures you-ll have a blasting good time!


Why you will love it?

The new generation Jet Blasters CEDA S are designed with a gun replica feel; pump action, grip design, magazine position and adjustable stock. The breech-load, pump-action blaster will give you an edge over your competition with an enhanced plunger tube that delivers enhanced performance.

Augmented performances

Velocity up to 150fps, patented ZR0 rifling system and high capacity magazine.

100% Customizable

Fast tripping down, designed to be upgraded and modified from one game to the other.

Easy Assemble

With NO tools required, you save valuable time! Assemble or take apart your blaster anywhere, event in the heat battle!

Jet Blaster CEDA S

  • Available in Red and Blue

  • Up to 150 FPS

  • Incl. Jet Blaster magazine Katana Clip

  • Incl. Jet Blaster Quick darts (15 pcs)


RRP 99,95 €

Jet Blaster Quick Darts

  • High performance soft foam bodied darts

  • Designed as 9mm bullets

  • Team colors Red and Blue

  • Container (100pcs)


RRP 14,95 €

Jet Blaster Magazine

  • Katana Clip – mid cap magazine for Jet Blaster Quickdarts

  • Total capacity 15 darts

  • Smoke transparent


RRP 14,95 €


5 + 12 =